Exhibition Of Hand-Crafted Metalworks At Siamsa Tíre

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One of the worlks in the Crux exhibition.

SIAMSA Tíre will officially open its latest visual arts exhibition ‘Crux: A Dialogue in Metal’, on this Thursday, October 12 at 6pm in the Round Gallery.

Open to all, John Tynan, Head of Education, Training & Development with the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland will provide a talk on this touring exhibition from glór Ennis.

The exhibition features the work of five noted practicing craft and design artists: Gunvor Anhøj, Michael Calnan, Moss Gaynor, John Hogan and Jane Murtagh.

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Crux – A Dialogue in Metal is an engaging exhibition combining fascinating hand-crafted metal works into a collection of some of the finest contemporary art metalsmith work in Ireland.

Each of the artists are individually recognised for their creative skills and master craftsmanship in all things metal art and the exhibit provides a lively variety of artistic styles on display as their works reflect the influence of their local habitats and cultures of counties Clare, Cork, Mayo and Wicklow.

These five artist metalsmiths have come together through a shared passion for their material – metal.

In an era steeped in technology, these artisans have their hearts and hands firmly engaged in the world of the physical and raw.

They forge, etch, draw and open out metal into three dimensional and two dimensional works, combining contemporary practices with ancient techniques.

This exhibition will illustrate the diversity of metal and showcase its myriad possibilities, from the delicate tracery of Jane Murtagh’s work, to the solid architectural forms of Moss Gaynor, to the subtle lines and sensual curves of Michael Calnan’s, John Hogan and Gunver Anhøj ‘s work.

The essence of these artists’ work concerns the movement of metal and the story it evokes. The story behind each piece is fundamental and each one is almost as exciting as the work that is created in response to it.

The artists’ ideas and stories are inspired and visualised through a combination of interests in the natural world, the world of architecture and industrial design.

From large scale welded metal constructions to delicate, highly finished objects – the sculptures portray the material and the makers behind it, and this unique exhibition will reveal their stories through the dynamism of metal in a way that will challenge the viewer’s notions of the material.

This exhibition gives a small sample of, and celebrates some of the wonderful work of talented artist metalsmiths whose contribution to their craft in Ireland has been significant in both scale and in impact.

When you study these creative works, you understand that you are looking upon a body of work that is of international quality and has been recognised by international awards.

They have all contributed to the legacy of metalsmithing craft in Ireland by providing opportunities for others to learn through teaching, mentoring and sharing skills in their craft, so that the art form continues to be practiced, and to be of cultural importance in Ireland today and into the future.

Crux: A Dialogue in Metal is a glór exhibition and also toured to Burton House Gardens & Gallery and The Custom House Gallery earlier this year.

Full exhibition details can be viewed on http://www.siamsatire.com/gallery/crux-a-dialogue-in-metal and you can visit the gallery free of charge from 10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday. All are welcome to attend the exhibition launch on Thursday at 6pm.

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