Finnegan On Films: A Movie With A Tralee Connection Worth Checking Out

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This week, our movie guy, James Finnegan looks at a film with strong Tralee connections which is now available to watch on Amazon Prime…

It is a particular personal joy to recommend this week’s film.

‘Misty Button’ is a great black comedy and action crime caper, with a touch of romance that can trace its genesis all the way to Tralee.  This gem is available on Amazon Prime, and is well worth your attention.

Filmed around Woodlawn in the Bronx, “Misty Button” is written and directed by Tralee native Seanie Sugrue.  Bertie Brosnan, another noted filmmaker, and Tralee native, is also one of the Producers.

Anyone who has spent any time around New York, especially the Bronx, will realise that the New World opportunities have the definite familiarity of home – Irish bars, clubs, you tend to mix with people who come from the same type of background you were trying to get away from.  Others then latch on, even if their connection to Ireland is tenuous at best.

A scene from ‘Misty Button’.

James Sheehan (Cillian O’Sullivan) is having a bad day.  He has a sore head, self induced, his wife has finally walked out and he has just been sacked.

He needs cash, now.  So when Eoin (Shaun Kennedy) tells him of a quick way of making some easy money, he is convinced.

All they have to do is place a ten thousand dollar cash bet on a horse, Misty Button, a dead cert to win a race, on behalf of Timmy Thomas (a wonderful performance by John Keating).

Timmy Thomas can’t place the bet himself, especially when the odds are 35-1, as he has a bit of a history with these bookies.

So you have two fellas, easily distracted, with a big bag of cash, about to put it on a horse that the odds suggest doesn’t have a chance.  What could possibly go wrong?  Quite a lot, as it happens.

Descending into a never ending spiral of trouble, things get rapidly out of control and have the most serious of ramifications.  The story continues at a great pace, and although it does get darker for the characters, it is very entertaining for the viewer.  I can promise that you will not see what is coming.

There is a great supporting cast including Victoria Meade (Ruby), Kevin Breznahan (Todd) and Julia Nightingale (Britney) and Bret Lada (Alonzo).

I should point out that this film contains language, and activities, that are not suitable for smallies, but it is a great “Saturday Night” film for the grownups.

‘Misty Button’ has been seen at many International Film Festivals around the world, winning numerous awards, and is the latest from this prolific film producer.  I, for one, look forward to future films from this talented filmmaker.

Also, there are a number of subtle references to Tralee in the film, from mentions of Oakpark and The Aqua Dome, to the Rose of Tralee song featuring in the background music.  Enjoy and stay safe.

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