Gardaí Have Extra Patrols To Monitor Vacant Business Premises

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FOLLOWING a break-in to a premises in Blennerville overnight, Tralee Chamber and the Tralee Garda Station has reiterated their advice to businesses closed during the COVID-19 crisis to engage with the Gardai and the Chamber to assist with measures to protect their properties.

Ken Tobin of Tralee Chamber said; “Its particularly disturbing to see that some individuals would take advantage of the situation to target businesses who are already having a tough time. We are asking all businesses that have high value goods to make contact with ourselves or the Gardai.”

Sgt. Tim O’Keeffe of Tralee Garda Station advised; “We already have additional patrols setup. The two suspects that were arrested last night in respect of the burglary in Blennerville were apprehended due to our increased patrols. We want to assure business owners that we have extra patrols in place and we are specifically monitoring business premises and pubs that are now closed.”

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Tralee Chamber and Gardai have asked business owners concerned about their goods and properties to make contact by emailing or contacting their Garda station so that their business can be added onto the patrols, and to heed the following advice:

• Secure all windows, doors and shutters.
• Ensure that the alarm is set and is working properly. (Consider getting it serviced)
• Test the alarm at least once a week.
• Always check the premises if the alarm is activated. Let us know and we will check the premises with you.
• If the business premises is closed, inspect it every few days. Check all of the windows, doors, roof lights and Velux windows. Look for signs of interference.
• Some CCTV Systems allow for motion alerts to be sent to your smartphone. They should enquire about this.
• Do not display high value goods in windows/shop fronts.

Tralee Chamber also want to advise that they manage a number of Whatsapp Groups for businesses in each cluster in the town centre, which facilitates direct communication with the Gardai and assist in community watch. Businesses wishing to be added to these groups should also email

In addition the ‘See Something, Say Something’ text alert is available for the public to message in if they see any anti-social or suspicious activity, and they should text Tralee followed by the incident details and location to 50555

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