Jimmy And Kerins O’Rahillys To Help Get Supplies To Local Community

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Jimmy Moran of Moran’s Shop on Strand Street.

THE Kerins O’ Rahilly’s GAA Club has teamed up with local shopkeeper Jimmy Moran  to offer help to those in the community by organising home deliveries.

Everything will go through Jimmy Moran’s shop on Strand Street and he will let anyone availing of the service know the name of the person delivering  the shopping. He can be called on (066) 7127373.

“Jimmy can let you know how much your shopping comes to and you can leave the payment (after washing your hands) in an envelope outside your front door as you see the delivery person coming,” said a spokesperson for the club.

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“For fuel and prescription collections, payments can be made over the phone in advance. If this isn’t possible again please place money in an envelope for the person delivering. We will offer services such as delivering shopping, medication and fuel for those living alone or unable to do so. It is very important that all assistance be given in a safe hygienic manner.”

“The person delivering will be a local, you will have their number and deliveries will be made in daylight hours. Do Kerins O’Rahillys proud and help those most vulnerable during this unprecedented crisis. We need to stick together now and our club can be a focal point for you,” concluded the spokesperson.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The state should be directly involved in this matter, at least facilitating or overseeing this to ensure best health and safety standards and equipment as this virus can survive on surfaces for quite a while.

  2. Simon Foley says:

    Wonderful idea , great community spirit.Is there a phone Number ????