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A photo from the 70s.

As things stand now, we are being responsible in not having our Sunday morning Juvenile Academy.

It would have been unrealistic to expect young girls and boys to train in a non contact format. However we can still train at home to work on and improve our skills.
We will work on one skill every week. Adrian will send messages to parents and guardians.
We don’t know what the next few weeks will bring but we don’t need to travel anywhere to enjoy kicking .

In a year where we thought we would have no football we did okay. We had our annual Sumner Camp and hosted a Cúl Camp. We played Go games and we visited clubs and they returned the visit. Our older boys played competitive football.

Messages will be sent during the weekend about our plans for Halloween.

We are saving for sets of jerseys for games. We’re planning on plenty of football in 2021 and are looking forward to being togged out for these.
There is a blue bucket on the counter of Eileen and Jimmy Moran’s Shop in Strand Road. If you have any loose change could you please throw it in. We would appreciate it soooo much. Thank you!

We train together, we play together but we are more than “just” team mates. We are friends. So we will all look out for each other more than ever now especially as most age groups aren’t training. Remember a simple text message to say “hi” could cheer someone up.

Training continues on Tuesday and Thursday at 6p.m. Great craic at training the other night,  word has it that Frank, Liam and Niall made a tiktok dance.

Strand Road has a vibrant ladies football club that we are all proud of and want to improve even more.
We have been selected as one of 18 clubs to take part in the 20/21 Ladies Football Club2Gether programme. We are delighted to have been selected and look forward to reaping the benefits of taking part in the programme.
We took part in the pilot programme back in 2016 and learned a lot from our participation back then.

“What is Club2Gether?”
It is an exciting LGFA club development initiative aimed at strengthening club structures.
The initiative focuses on developing areas such as volunteer recruitment and retention, governance and officer training, games development and sponsorship and fundraising, while also planning for the future to ensure sustainable and long term structures are in place.
We will complete the programme with a basic two year plan in place , with the aim of increasing retention.

We are delighted to be participating in this club initiative again in 2021. Unfortunately as a result of the suspension of all Gaelic games and activity back in March the G4T coaching day 2 and National Festival Day for everyone was postponed.
“What is G4T?”
It’s a participation based initiative aimed at increasing the retention rate of teenage girls in our club.
The programme will work closely with coaches, influencing the content of their coaching sessions as well as establishing the best way for coaches to communicate with our players.
The programme will be monitored and evaluated to ensure that it achieves the aim of having a direct impact on the retention of players.The research that prompted the development of the Gaelic4Teens programme revealed that players play for enjoyment, to keep fit and healthy, to relieve stress and because their friends also play.
The reasons highlighted for giving up the sport are that they don’t get enough playing time, there is no fun at training, that it is too competitive and that they are treated differently.
This will be commencing in February.

Covid is especially hard for our much loved shops, restaurants and bars. Let’s do all we can to support them as they struggle to keep their businesses open. Shop local and keep our community in jobs.

LOTTO RESULTSOctober 12th.


No Winner of Jackpot €5,200
No Match  3 winners

Draw for 4 x €250 in December.
Frank King c/o Rock St PO
Bernie Kelly c/o Rock St PO
Derek Molloy c/o Dollie
Norman Foley Direct Debit
Lillian Healy  Direct Debit

Next weeks Jackpot €5,300

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