Kerry Artist Makes Model Of Skellig Michael

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Tim O’Sullivan with his scaled model of Skellig Michael. Photo:Valerie O’Sullivan

A KILLARNEY artist has created a wonderful scale model of Skellig Michael.

Tim O’Sullivan, is an artist and sculptor, living and working in Tiernaboul, Killarney. Both he and his Artist Wife Robin, run ‘Clay Fun’ Art studio at the family home.

Tim was tasked by Declan Mulvany of Killarney Art Gallery, to create in clay a replica scaled model of Skellig Michael – the revered Monastic Island, off the south-west coast of Kerry.

Tim rose to the challenge and for the past three months, painstakingly hand carved in alabaster and later painting with a special acrylic re-created this work.  The model will be on display in the Art Gallery to celebrate this year’s Kerry Film Festival.

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