Kerry Family To Attempt Five World Records In One Day

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Sandra, Eamonn and Jason Hickson who will attempt five world record next Friday and Saturday.

A FAMILY from Annascaul, Eamonn, Jason and Sandra Hickson, will attempt to set five Official Guinness World Records in one weekend, beginning Friday, May 18.

It begins when, live on Kerry’s Full Breakfast on Radio Kerry, journalist Eamonn will attempt to break the record for Most Chest-to-Ground Burpees in One Minute (20 to beat).

Later that morning, the record-breaking action moves to An Riocht, Castleisland, where Jason takes on the marathon task of setting the record for the Farthest Farmers Carry of 100lb in 24 hours, with the current distance of 50km being the benchmark.

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On Friday evening Sandra then takes over the record-breaking duties when she tries to set the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Mile Wearing Handcuffs (female) (8 minutes current standard).

On Saturday in WK Fitness in Dingle, Eamonn will undertake his second Guinness World Record of the weekend when he attempts to do over 18 Burpee Pull Ups in One Minute.

For the fifth record of the weekend, Eamonn attempts to beat the current record of 200 for the Most Burpee Pull Ups in One Hour in WK Fitness on Sunday afternoon.

Eamonn Hickson is a news journalist and producer with Radio Kerry. He has previously set two Guinness World Records, including the Longest Journey Reversing a Tractor and Trailer(17.3km) (2014) and Most Squats in One Minute Carrying a 40lb Pack (2016).

He has also played Gaelic football for Kerry at all levels, and has two All-Ireland medals (U21 & Junior).

“The first two Guinness World Records I set sprouted from personal setbacks, including a serious knee injury in 2014,” said Eamonn. “This time last year I was nearly bedbound with a large disc protrusion in my back. In June of 2017 I couldn’t stand up straight, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t drive, and couldn’t tie my own laces. Following surgery, I was determined to get back to a place where I felt fit, healthy and strong and the idea to set a number of Guinness World Records seemed like the perfect goal.

“I think if people see the place I’ve come from in terms of fitness and mobility over the past twelve months, it’ll give them confidence to achieve their own milestone, regardless of their current situation.”

Jason Hickson (26) is a full-time farmer. Having spent time working in the hotel and manufacturing industries, he’s returned to the family dairy farm where he milks 50 cows.

Jason also has a keen interest in Gaelic football, and he has represented Kerry at minor, junior and U21 levels, winning an All-Ireland medal in 2012 with Eamonn as part of the Kerry Junior side.

“I want to achieve something where I only have to rely on myself. I’m 26-years-old, fit and healthy, so now is the time to do these events because you never know what tomorrow will bring,” said Jason.

“I want to stop wasting time and achieve something great—and there’s nothing better than setting Guinness World Records with my brother and sister. I also want to see how far I can push myself physically and mentally, so if a day comes when something really bad happens, I won’t fall apart.”

Sandra Hickson (38) is a psychiatric nurse based in Cork. She has run over 20 marathons, countless half-marathons and, more recently, won a bronze medal for the shotput in last year’s Masters National Championships.

“I see the challenge of setting a Guinness World Record as something to take me out my comfort zone,” said Sandra.

“From a young age I have participated in outdoor field events at a competitive level and realised that my dreams were not achievable without making the necessary sacrifices. I want to inspire others to set their own goals, whether it be in terms of their fitness, career or relationships—and achieve them. With self-belief, a positive attitude and a good work ethic, anything is possible.”

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