Kerry Gardaí Remind Public To Avoid House Parties And Stick To 5k Rule

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GARDAI in Kerry are reminding the public to stick to the 5k rule and not to host or attend house parties.

Speaking on Radio Kerry’s ‘Talkabout’ show on Tuesday afternoon, Garda Niall O’Connor said they are continuing to encounter people who are travelling further than 5k from their homes — especially to known beauty spots — to exercise.

He said that on a recent patrol in Banna beach, Gardaí discovered motorists had travelled from Ballyheigue and Ballybunion for a walk on the beach.

Garda O’Connor also said that in the past few days, he issued a €500 fine at a child’s birthday party where up to five households were gathered.

He said the host of a house party can be fined €500 and anyone attending could face a €100 fine.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The 5km lockdown is wrong.

    The County of Kerry is one of the lowest infection rates in the country. People should be asking why there is not reginal lockdown levels?
    Kerry and Dublin should clearly be on different lockdown levels.

    GARDAI in Kerry should be for Kerry being placed on a lower lockdown level and stopping non essential entry to the county from Limerick and Cork.

    GARDAI in Kerry should be vocal to the government, not just blindly enforcing.

    The economy, mental heath and personal freedom are important too.
    This level of lockdown for Kerry is mindless and needless at this point.

    The people of Kerry should be contacting their politicians!