Have You Noticed The Lights Have Gone Out In Parts Of Tralee?

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O'Rahilly's Villas in darkness in the absence of street lighting. Photo by Gavin O'Connor.

Taken from the Low Field, this is what O’Rahilly’s Villas looked like last night up to Strand Road. Photo by Dermot Crean.

HAVE you noticed it’s gone dark in parts of Tralee over the past couple of weeks? We have.

The stretch of road from the Strand Road entrance to O’Rahilly’s Villas right down to the junction by the Low Field has been in darkness for about two weeks, as well a stretch of road from the bridge near Na Gaeil GAA club to the traffic lights at the Oakpark road has no street lighting for about a week.

While pedestrians are safe enough from traffic – as there is footpaths in both areas – it’s still inconvenient as someone could trip up on uneven paths, or step into something unsavoury!

Speaking to Traleetoday.ie earlier today, Frank Hartnett of Kerry County Council said it’s the first he had heard of the outages.

“Normally someone would give us a ring and we would ring Airtricity who have the maintenance contract on the lights,” said Frank.

“Normally when there’s a light out, we hear about it fairly quickly. We make a call to Airtricity and it gets logged onto their system, they then have ten days to repair it,” he continued.

“We find Airtricity quite good at responding, but then again they won’t know if they’re not told. Every month they inspect the lights and fix any bulbs.”

We contacted Airtricity this afternoon and they said they would get back to us as soon as possible about the issue. In the meantime, watch how you go.

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The area around Cliffords Cash and Carry on Basin Road. Photo by Dermot Crean.

The area around Cliffords Cash and Carry on Basin Road. Photo by Dermot Crean.

The entrance into O'Rahilly's Villas from Strand Road. Photo by Gavin O'Connor.

The entrance into O’Rahilly’s Villas from Strand Road (the lights in the distance were the Low Field floodlights which were on at the time). Photo by Gavin O’Connor.


  1. Brendan Moore. says:

    Anyone can report a faulty light to Airtricity. If you see a light out, just get the pole number which is usually black numbers on a yellow background and phone their Street Lighting Faultline on 1850 372 372 or 1800 372 372. Airtricity can be contacted on http://www.airtricitysolutions.com Report a fault.

  2. Because of the New Year holiday period I waited for the weekend of Jan 1st – 3rd to pass.
    On Mon 4th, Tues 5th, Wed 6th Jan I sent Emails to http://www.sseairtricity.com regarding O Rahilly’s Villas pole numbers 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 being unlit. I added all the numbers in the comments section.
    Two of the codes I entered before submitting were XTPVN and YC72F if anyone wants to check further.
    I would like to state that we in O Rahilly’s Villas / Strand St. do take interest in our area and were concerned.