Mary O’Donnell: Some Hair-Raising Facts!

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rsz_mary_odonnell_xI RECENTLY attended the Viviscal Hair Confessions launch in Dublin. Viviscal is an Irish success story as it is the World’s best selling hair supplement and has been proven by seven separate clinical trials. This award winning company’s product is sold in over 25 countries.

I met the lovely Maia Dunphy who is taking the supplements and will be moving to London soon to join husband Johnny Vegas. Also attending was Pippa O Connor, who chatted about hair loss after baby Ollie.
6,900 took part in this hair survey and here are some findings that shocked me.
72% of Irish women would choose a healthy full head of hair over healthy glowing skin.
54% said thinning hair ,or hair loss made them feel less confident.
84% said when their hair looks good they’re more likely to go after what the want.
68% of Irish women have noticed excess shedding or hair loss.
40% blamed stress and poor diet for hair thinning and hair loss.
80% opt for a ponytail or reach for a hat when having a bad hair day.

Taking Viviscal will take 3 months to see results.The programme includes shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum and vitamins as healthy hair comes from within. One box of Viviscal is sold globally every minute – now that is an Irish success story.

Over the weekend I took part in a false eyelash challenge #ultrabondchallenge. The lashes, Nouveau Lashes, are very natural and perfect if you are not used to wearing false lashes.

The glue was called Ultrabond and it is brilliant if you want a glue that works with any lashes and is safe for sensitive skin. The challenge was to apply the lashes on Friday and see would they last all weekend. They did and I will be wearing them the next long weekend again!

Garnier have launched a new cream called Miracle Skin Cream. It is for tired skin it comes out white but has a lovely tint in it. It has seven anti-ageing ingredients and an SPF of 20. After 4 weeks of using this treatment tinted cream my skin felt great.

On contact with the skin the white micro capsules contain pigments that correct the signs of tiredness and help to conceal the signs of ageing. RRP €19.99.

Roger and Gallet have launched five body lotions. They all smell divine and are 95% natural origin base. This lotion melts on contact and the aloe vera and vitamins and amino acids provide lasting hydration and it has no parabens, no silicone and no coloring agents.The gentle fragrance lingers all day. RRP €15.00 for 200ml.

Bourjois have a new nail polish remover for hands and feet called Magic Nail Polish Remover. This foam applicator is a go anywhere product and it is so quick. It is gentle for nails and has sweet almond oil which is very nourishing for nails and cuticles. It smells of vanilla and red fruit, unlike other removers. For the toes place the applicator on each toenail. For the hands just dip the nails and varnish is instantly removed. RRP is €7.99

Bourjois have also launched a 24 hr velvet lipstick that comes in six shades and is like velvet on the lips. It stayed on my lips for 23 hours and did not dry the lips. Perfect for days when reapplying lipstick is not big on the agenda.

Next week: Kerry cosmetic companies


Mary O’Donnell with Kevin Barry Business Development with Life’s 2 Good, whose flagship product is Viviscal.

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