Mary O’Donnell: My London Trip For Eucerin

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Mary O'Donnell

Mary O’Donnell

MY first week away from TV land and I was glad I was heading to London for Eucerin.

It was a big change not putting my slot together and the nerves of appearing on live TV and when it all stopped it was a mixture of relief and missing it at the same time.

So Monday I left Kerry Airport for London. I was greeted by a man holding my name and I drove him nuts taking photos.

When I was training a hundred years ago, my skin broke out regularly from
all the rich oils and I discovered Eucerin was the only product that calmed my skin.

It is widely available in pharmacies and has extended the range recently to include anti ageing and sun care.

This company invented Elastoplast and also own Nivea and La Prairie.

Many products that are available from pharmacies today such as ointments, creams, or special lotions for sensitive skin can trace their roots back to a single basic ingredient: Eucerin.

The ointment base produced using the emulsifying agent Eucerit enabled active ingredients in ointment form to be applied directly to the skin.

The theoretical groundwork for Eucerit was carried out by Dr. Isaac Lifschütz in 1898. After extensive tests, he applied for a patent for the new emulsifying agent in 1900, and it was granted in 1902.

When mixed with mineral fats, the compound developed by Lifschütz, Eucerinum anhydricum, became a hydrophilic ointment base that could be stored indefinitely.

The product became a success after Lifschütz sold his patent to Beiersdorf in 1911 and joined the company as chemist.

The pH5 range is launched. Although NIVEA Creme was also based on the emulsifying agent Eucerit, it was destined for a glittering career in the skin care market.

Eucerinum anhydricum and Eucerinum cum Aqua, on the other hand, remained pharmacy product-only ointment bases.

This all changed in 1950 when Eucerin pH5, the “acid ointment,” was launched. Although it, too, was exclusively distributed via pharmacies, it was a “finished” product and the first product to highlight the significance of stabilizing the skin’s pH value to keep its protective acid mantle intact – a central aspect of medical skin care even today.

In 1977 the range was extended to include products for the entire body.

In the mid-1990s, Eucerin entered the face care market by launching an additional range of Eucerin branded products for sensitive and damaged facial skin.

Eucerin face care products were immediately a big success, particularly the first clinically documented anti-wrinkle cream Q10 Active.

Beiersdorf decided to continue selling its Eucerin products via pharmacies to ensure that consumers received the necessary competent advice.

Today, the Eucerin range comprises several high-quality product lines that provide effective skin care from head to toe.

My favourite in the range in Aquaphor. This balm is a must for everyone. This  is ideal for for the whole house. Chefs keep it in their pockets. I use it on cuts for kids and it is ideal for lips or another area that needs extra care.

Next week, the anti ageing and anti renders from Eucerin.

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