McCann At The Movies: ‘Handsome Devil’ Is Another Irish Gem

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Our movie reviewer, John McCann, says the Irish movie conveyor belt is stronger than ever with the release of Handsome Devil…

As a big fan of The Stag and with the high quality of Irish movie releases in recent times, there was a lot to look forward to in director John Butler’s new feature Handsome Devil.

Justifiably so, as it turns out, as Butler and co. deliver a charming, well written, thought provoking yet funny movie that highlights the riches contained within the Irish movie scene at present.

The film revolves around loner Ned (Fionn O’Shea)  and star athlete Conor (Nicholas Galitzine)  who are forced to share a bedroom at their rugby-mad boarding school.

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What transpires is an unlikely friendship that becomes threatened by stereotypical authoritarian and old fashioned beliefs in this humorous coming of age tale.

A scene from Handsome Devil.

Well written and containing a strong cast including Michael McElhatton, Ardal O’Hanlon, Amy Huberman and featuring an almost show-stealing turn by the excellent Andrew Scott, this film has much to like as it contains gags that regularly hit the mark, scenes that will ring true to an Irish movie going audience and a strong moral message attached for good measure (besides, any film that has an old Housemartins tune reverberating through it will always score well with me!)

It may seem a bit too sweet and overly sentimental at times but if you are in the mood for a feel good movie with a few laughs thrown in that will leave you with warm glow upon viewing then Handsome Devil may just be the movie for you!


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