Mother And Daughter To Chop The Locks For Cancer Sufferers

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At the launch of

At the launch of ‘Share Your Hair for Cancer’ night were seated: Brenda Griffin. From left: Sinead McCourt, Fiona Kirby, Ed O’Connor, Chris Griffin and Rita O’Sullivan. Photo by Gavin O’Connor.

A MOTHER and daughter will be chopping their locks in aid of the Irish Cancer Society in a ‘Share Your Hair for Cancer’ night at The Brogue Inn, this Friday at 9pm.

After they’ve cut the hair, mother Brenda Griffin and daughter Danielle will be donating it to be made into wigs for cancer sufferers.

They’re hoping people will come along on the night to make donations to the worthy cause.

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“I wanted to do it because my dad and two of my aunts died of cancer. I also had two aunts who survived cancer and both of my in laws died from it, so it’s something very close to my heart,” said Brenda.

“I’ve seen someone donating their hair on television and it kind of dawned on me that I’ve tonnes of hair! It’s great that people are willing to shave and cut their hair, it’s something that seems to be getting increasingly more popular. I’ve got plenty and as you can see it’s good Irish hair!” said Brenda.

Brenda’s daughter, Danielle will be coming over from Scotland especially to donate her flowing locks for the great cause.

“Danielle has the most amazing auburn hair so hopefully they’ll make good wigs! When she heard I was doing it she was on board as well straight away,” said Brenda.

So is there prospect of both mother and daughter having the same hairdo?

“Definitely not! No, I don’t want to have the same bob as my daughter, she’s too cute,” said Brenda.

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