Netflix Warn Kerry Customers Of ‘Phishing Scam’

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THE estimated 175,000 Netflix users in Ireland, many in Kerry, are been warned about the threat of a major phishing scam which has been identified by IT Security company,

Netflix scamThe phishing scam comes in the form of a “fake message” on the users screen requesting the customer to click on a link and update their credit card details or else their Netflix account will be cancelled (see image above).

Netflix, who recently announced a change in their price structure for Irish customers, is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to viewers across the world, having also made some of its own shows which are shown exclusively to Netflix customers including “House of Cards” and “Orange is the new Black”, the latter of which could be streamed from Friday.

“While the message may appear genuine and has the company logo attached to the message, it is fake and Netflix did not send it,” said Ronan Murphy CEO of

“If you have received this fake email, the best course of action is to just ignore the email and do not click on it. If you have clicked on the message, do not enter any of your personal information or credit card or bank account details. If you still have concerns about your account, look up the contact number for Netflix (do not use the number in the message if there is one, as this will be a fake number) and talk to someone in Netflix about updating your password,” said Mr Murphy.

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