Photos: Blending The Old With The New On The Streets Of Tralee

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HOW times have changed.

We came across some photos of Tralee streets from the early to mid-20th century on the web. We then got Ryan Higgins to recreate the same angles today to contrast the times. Ryan then blended the old photos with the new.

Check out the results below…

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Denny Street

Denny Street circa 1900

Denny Street circa 1900. Nice to see The Roast House had a canopy for customers back then.


2014: Big changes here with The Pikeman and the Ashe Memorial Hall, but the buildings’ facades haven’t changed thankfully.


Old And New: “Shall we have afternoon tea in The Grand old bean?” “Nah, let’s go across to the Roast House for a skinny latte and a crab salad.”


Castle Street

Castle Street Circa 1910

Castle Street Circa 1910. Note the horse and cart in the centre is parked on a double yellow.


2014: Well the road has improved!


Old And New: Two men in the centre stride purposefully across the road for a feed of Allegro chips.


Nelson/Ashe Street

Nelson Street circa 1900

Nelson Street circa 1900. First recorded photograph of The Grim Reaper hanging around the YMCA on the left.


2014: The trees have brightened up the place a bit.


Old And New: Grim Reaper considers ditching the cart for nicking the black Volvo across the road. Well it is his colour!


 Castle Street/The Mall

Old Tralee Castle Street Mall

Castle Street/The Mall circa (admittedly, we’re guessing here) 1940s. Having abandoned the idea of grand theft auto, The Grim Reaper (right) eyes up the window of John Ross Jewellers.


2014: There’s a bit more traffic on the street these days.


Old And New: Having had ‘a few’ in Paddy Macs, Johnny decided to take Mary across the road for the ring.


The Mall

The Mall in the 1960s

The Mall in the 1960s just before the start of the Festival Of Kerry…evidently, when Guinness ruled the country.


2014: You’ve got to admit, The Mall looks much smarter now.


Old And New: The two lads on the left avoid the temptation of a sneaky pint in An Teach Beag.




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