Radio Kerry Journalist Releases Third Book

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Eamonn Hickson.

A RADIO Kerry journalist has published his third novel which is now on sale.

Annascaul man Eamonn Hickson has released ‘Terror’, a thriller in which three people decide to commit a terror attack.

The journalist says writing about this topic was not a reaction to recent terror attacks, but rather an attempt to imagine the viewpoint of would-be terrorists.

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The cover of ‘Terror’ by Eamonn Hickson.

“Unfortunately, the frequency of terror attacks is increasing, and with each occurrence, the terrorists’ race and religion are brought into the conversation,” said Eamonn.

“Religion and birthplace are overanalysed, yet the attackers’ motivations are ignored. While not condoning the actions of extremists, I wanted to see if it was possible to write from the ‘other side’ of the attacks,” he added.

Prior to his latest release, Eamonn published two standalone novels: The History Maker (2012) and Angel of Death (2013). Terror, which was released on Friday, is the first of a planned trilogy. It’s available online in both eBook and paperback form on

Eamonn graduated with an honours degree in Creative Writing for Digital Media from the Institute of Technology Tralee earlier this year.

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