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rsz_roger_hartyI REMEMBER reading for the first time about the Dalai Lama that when he meets someone all he sees are two eyes and a brain.

The reason behind this practice (and believe me it must be practiced) is that he sees the beauty in everyone and everything and remains non-judgmental.

I could say he tries but as The Dalai Lama is regarded as being one who has achieved enlightenment it would be best to describe his non-judgmental attitude as a state of being.

He thus goes into a state of observance which in turn brings him to a place of higher consciousness.

Why am I saying this? The reason is that every single human being has the possibility of reaching this same state (obviously with practice) then that suggests that everyone is equal.

The only thing that can remove us from that reality is when we begin to judge. I can feel the crowds gathering around me with  all the ‘ifs’ ‘buts’ and ‘ands’ saying “Roger that is a ridiculous statement to make” but that in itself is an opinion and thus involves some form of judgement!

When I first did my life-coaching course, one of the first lessons we learned was that there are two cardinal rules;

a) everyone is equal and b) everyone is creative, resourceful and whole. That is why a well-trained life –coach sits at exactly the same level as his/her client. It creates an immediate atmosphere of equality and also sets the conditions that the life coach isn’t preaching or teaching to the client except allowing him the space to tap into his own awareness and unlimited potential.

The real beauty of this for me is that I could not truly convey this to a client unless I believed it about myself first as everyone is equal.

This really comes to fruition when we remain firstly non-judgemental of ourselves and then non-judgemental of others.

It brings us into a space of absolute equality where we can truly recognise and appreciate the unlimited potential of our own being and equally that of others.

In fact, this is so important that it is written into the constitution of our land where every citizen of the country is regarded as equal under the law of the land.

I know, I know I can feel the naysayers gathering saying that not everyone is treated equally, which is absolutely correct, but in the eyes of the constitution everyone should be regarded as equal.

This is every citizen’s right  and it applies both at a national and international level. Unfortunately it is important to state that even though it is a right under the law it doesn’t mean that the law is always properly enforced. Need we say any more than to observe the terrible tragedies that are being inflicted on human beings all over our world at this present time?

When we bring ourselves into that state of mutual equality, we can then fully appreciate the beauty and unlimited potential that lies within all of us.

There is a great film called  ‘Freedom Writers’ starring Hilary Swank and the main theme of the film is exactly that – when we value each other as equals and we appreciate we suffer pain and celebrate joy in equal measure, then true love and appreciation of each other is guaranteed to emerge.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace” – Jimi Hendrix.

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