Roger Harty: The Importance Of Passion

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rsz_roger_hartyIN the world we live in passion is something that is very often confused with aggression.

Take modern sport for instance. We often hear phrases like ‘how much do you want it?’ or ‘are you going to let them other fellows climb the steps to lift that trophy?’ and this may only be an under 10 local football match where the coach and mentors are driven with the desire for victory for ‘Da Parish’ at all costs.

I suggest there is a far superior type of passion that does not involve this form of unnecessary aggression and it has to do with love.

I wrote in a previous article about the difference between success and happiness so here it is again.

Success Is having what you want.

Happiness Is wanting what you have.

It is a known scientific fact that people who are happy at their work will perform a lot better.

I believe work places like ‘Google’ place a lot of emphasis on this and remember they have access to the greatest  innovation systems. The key question I ask is “what has this to do with passion ? “

Well the answer is often in the question.

Firstly let me insert a prerequisite – I equate love to wanting what you have which in turn equals happiness so it all comes down to happiness.

Simple Formula: Love = wanting what you have = Happiness

If you do what you love, then you will love what you do and if you love what you do then it naturally follows that you will want more of it and another word for ‘want more of it’ is  DESIRE !

The hidden gem in the previous sentence is not highlighted – It is the word ‘naturally’.

It is in the nature of mankind to want more of what he loves. In fact it is like a form of addiction. If you can develop a deep love for what you do be it in life, work , sport or play then passion will follow as a direct consequence.

There is one ‘rider’, it is also important to be willing to take a risk. Another term for taking a risk is ‘stepping out of our comfort zone’ and this is an extremely important ingredient of Passion. Again ‘why is this so?’

The answer again lies in the nature of mankind. If you studied the habits of ancient man ‘he who ventured deep into the forest got the best of the fruit’.

Now back in those prehistoric times, going for these ‘rich pickings’ always involved a certain amount of danger due to the imminent threat of attack from ferocious wild animals.

The greater the risk he took the greater the reward i.e. ‘pickings’. Nowadays the imminent danger from these animals is completely obliterated but the feeling of ‘danger ‘ is still there when we take a risk be it in business, life, sport etc.

When we mix this ‘willing to take risk’ ingredient into desire it stirs it all up and results in an almighty passion.

Next week I am going to write about ‘The Early Bird’.

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