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I CANNOT think of a better way to finish the old year and to begin the New year than with a bit of humour. Ok here goes.

What’s the difference between commitment and involvement ?

In the case of a bacon and egg sandwich – the chicken is involved while the pig is committed.

There is something about the term ‘New Year’s resolution’ that doesn’t quite sit so right with me. I think it’s the word resolution.

It’s is if I had a solution and it didn’t work and now I’m going to find another solution. Failure seems to be an intrinsic part of it somehow.

Remember the phrase – ‘If you always do as you always did you will always get as you always got.’
This implies that there has to be one key ingredient – Change.
If you add one other ingredient to this I would suggest the word – Commitment (now I like that word!)

So Change + Commitment in the New Year – now we’re hurling.

A key question here is – What and why do I want to change ? I.E. Have a Goal

Also do I realise that this change will involve a certain amount of initial psychological pain if only for the fact that I’m doing something new.

Change i.e. something new by it’s very nature involves fear—this fear is normal. (there are ancestral reasons for this)

If we are armed with this knowledge then it will help us to prepare especially for any initial difficulties.

Our Goal should be SMART






Next I think that it is very important to be aware of the nature of habits.

They say it takes 20 days to develop a habit – so this definitely involves dedication and commitment.

It is also recognised that if you can keep this new habit in place for 70 days then it becomes practically irreversible.

Habits are habits whether they be good or bad – so good luck with the good habits. Two other side ingredients that might be helpful here are forgiveness and resilience.

Should we fall slightly remember we are human so it is very important to get back up and commit to the Goal.

Remember Jesus carrying his cross on His way to Calvary fell three times, but each time He got up to continue on His journey. That demonstrated true resilience to the cause.

Unfortunately nearly 92% of people fail on resolutions by February so – Try Commitment with all it entails and enjoy all the benefits that arise.

One last note, it is also very important to build in a decent reward for all your efforts. Good luck!

Here’s wishing everyone a sincere Happy, Holy and Healthy New Year.

• Next week I am going to write about ‘Smile’

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