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I USE the title above to describe a situation where two words basically mean the same thing.

I suppose I want to also highlight how we can involve ourselves in getting too caught up in the pedantics of something as trivial as pronounciation.

What a waste of energy.  My mother used to use an expression “don’t be wasting your battery” when it came to subjects like this.

Speaking of the above I wish to pose a question which I came up with myself (funnily enough I also came up with the answer); ‘What is the difference between a reason and an excuse?’

Answer: Adults give reasons while children give excuses. Tomato / Tomatoe.

If we really want to change something in our lives for the better, then we can come up with 40 reasons for not doing it but only one real reason for doing it.

In other words ‘Cut the chase and get on with it’.

There is a great English lifestyle/health coach called Jason Vale. Jason is big into healthy juicing and believes that many illnesses can be helped/cured by juicing the appropriate fruits/vegetables and taking them on a regular basis.

He has written many books on the subject and I heard him once being interviewed on Irish radio when the interviewer asked him if people had difficulty taking the juices.

His answer was as follows – a little cheeky but very appropriate!!

“I would take the juice but I haven’t got the time”

“I would take the juice but I don’t like the taste of it”

“I would juice but I haven’t got a good juicer”

“I would juice but I don’t have a fruit and veg shop near me”

“I would juice but my husband comes home from work late”

Jason Vale turned to the radio interviewer and said;

“All I know is that the ones with the greatest buts are the ones with the greatest butts!

Are they reasons or excuses…Tomato/Tomatoe.

• Next week I am going to write about ——- Pull the other leg !

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  1. Mags Reidy Corcoran says:

    Excellent as usual Roger! As my Mom would say… “Sweet Laziness will I ever offend thee”