Roger Harty: We Are In Control

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WE cannot control what happens in our world but we can always control how we react to what happens in our world.

Let me repeat that please – we always have the ability to control how we react.

The problem is…

• We have this ability but we do not use it. Or
• We do not realise we have this ability to control how we react.

In situation a) Like any ability it is of no use to us in our lives if we don’t take the initiative to apply it.

In situation b) if we don’t realise that we have this ability then it is like having a wonderful gift and not opening it.

The fact is as humans we can control how we react to any given situation.

The beauty of this is that when we know we have access to this control and when we apply it then we have access to inner peace.

Peace is the wonderful gift that arises within us when we control how we react to any given situation.

Let me explain further. The one thing that we always have access to as long as we are alive is our breath.

Knowing that is a huge comfort. We can always be sure of our next breath. That surety brings with it a certain calmness. When we are sure of supply, peace arises as there is no need for panic.

We have the ability to slow down our breathing – remember slow long breaths also induce calmness in our body. (Slow breathing means lack of fear).

Knowing how we breathe and that we have the ability to change it for the better puts us in control of how we react to any given situation.

We have the ability to smile even and especially in times of difficulty. Smiling sends calming chemicals to the body – who cares as long as it works. (Smiling means lack of fear)

So we are ultimately in charge of how we react as and we can make this reaction positive to any situation by

• Knowing that our breath is always available
• Knowing that we can slow down the pace of our breath
• Knowing that we can smile and bring inner calm.

To my knowledge we are the only living animal (I’m including humans in the animal world!!) that has access to this gift.

Like any gift we should cherish it, mind it and use it to the best of our ability.

We are in control of our own Inner Peace. How wonderful is that.

• Next week I am going to write about — A Beautiful Poem.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Roger Harty says “We Are In Control”.

    I say “no man is an island”?

    Inner piece means nothing without outer piece?
    This is text book Western Liberal left Marxist propaganda!
    This is brain washing people to stick their heads in the sand.

    I say the only way to achieve inner piece is to first achieve external piece and sometimes in this world of organised chaos we have no choice on our ability to control how we react. Because, there is only one or two options in the real world fight or flight!

    Hence, “Order out of Chaos”

    Roger Harty grow a set of balls and turn off the political correct feministic tap you bath in before you drown all the sheeple (useful idiots) of the Western world along with yourself!

  2. Mary o'Shea says: