Tralee Men To Make A Movie In New York This Summer

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Seanie Sugrue and Bertie Brosnan have teamed up to make a movie in New York this summer.

TWO Tralee men are shooting a film in New York this summer.

‘Misty Button’ is an Irish/American  dark comedy written and directed by Seanie Sugrue and produced by Bertie Brosnan. It’s ready to film in June 2018 in the Bronx, New York.


“We plan on shooting the film in June and will have a finished cut by mid-August,” said Bertie Brosnan.

“We will then submit the film to festivals worldwide for 2019 screenings with worldwide distribution at the forefront of our objectives. We have a diverse cast and crew already in place featuring an eclectic mix of Irish and American actors. We believe the film will be enjoyed on both sides of the pond as it takes on much of the untold stories of the Irish immigrants interacting with the local New Yorkers funnily and uniquely. Slightly reminiscent of Tarantino’s, Ritchie’s and McDonagh’s work, Seanie the writer/director uses quick wit and personal experience to create a world that’s fun but can also act as a cautionary tale in some respects.”

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The plot of the movie is as follows; after being asked to place a ten thousand dollar bet on a racehorse, James and Eoin make the fatal mistake of pocketing the money.

The two Irish emigres face a crisis when Misty Button comes in at35-1. Misty Button is a dark comedy about Irish immigrants living in the Bronx that prove just because its a long shot doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

Seanie Sugrue, originally from Doon, is co-founder of Locked in the Attic Productions. While producing Catch 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue, he wrote his first play Black Me Out!

Since then Sugrue has written and directed six different plays that all premiered in New York City.

Catch 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue, directed by Josh Folan, played at festivals across the country throughout 2016 and was released in January 2017.

It is now available on Amazon Prime. Sugrue’s fourth play Love is Dead! was also adapted into a screenplay by NYEH Entertainment and is now in post production.

Sugrue just wrote and directed a pilot named ‘Spite’ which screened at the Angelika Film Center in March. It’s currently being submitted to TV festivals all around the world. He just finished writing his debut novel, Cardboard Coffins.

Bertie Brosnan is also from Tralee and has been involved in the film industry in Ireland for some years starting as an actor and quickly moving into producing short films along with one feature film and several online commercials.

His films such as the award-winning “Sineater” travelled to film festivals around the world plus attained a worldwide distribution deal along with his first short “Jacob Wrestling With The Angel” through the UK/USA outfit Shorts TV.

Since then Bertie attained several grants from the Arts Council in Ireland and has recently joined the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland as he practises writing and directing also. Bertie has self-distributed his feature film “Con” which is available through Vimeo and Amazon Prime along with his other short films “Last Service” and “Forgotten Paradise”.


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