Warning To Motorists After Part Of Road Collapses In The Kerries

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Linda Gleeson standing in the deep hole at the side of the road in The Kerries. Photo by Dermot Crean

MOTORISTS are urged to be cautious if driving in The Kerries tonight and in the morning after a part of the road collapsed.

The hole is located near a bend about halfway between the turn off for Cockleshell Road and the turn to head towards the Spa/Fenit road.

A concerned local resident, Linda Gleeson and her mother spotted the hole late this afternoon.

Someone from the Council came out and placed cones around it as a temporary measure until it can be filled in properly tomorrow.

A Council spokesperson informed us that the road will be need to be closed on Thursday to allow for these repairs as it is a narrow road and machinery will be needed on site.
It is proposed to close the road for a number of hours from after 9am on Thursday (after the peak morning period) with the aim of completing the repairs by the afternoon. Diversions will be in place during the works period.

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Linda expressed concern that, because of the proximity to the bend, more should be done to alert motorists to the danger as darkness falls.

The hole extends just past the yellow line at the side of the road, but about a further foot of road is cracked and in danger of collapsing.

It’s over a foot deep but, as you can see from the photo (below), it extends far more underground under then ditch.

The hole extends far under the adjoining ditch.

The Council has only recently resurfaced the adjacent part of the road and other parts of the Kerries have experienced ‘sinkhole’ type incidents in the recent past.

The parts of road right next to the hole which have been repaired by the Council recently. Photo by Dermot Crean

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  1. Jimmy Murphy says:

    Te problem here is that this road was never meant for the heavy traffic that use it every day, especially large trucks..the road from the top of Spa Road right out along is in need of repair…