Wham-Bam Thank You Council: Tralee Bypass To Cost Over Double The Estimate

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THE TRALEE bypass is now set to cost more than double the original estimate it emerged in Kerry County Council on Monday.

In a presentation of the most recent audit of Kerry County Council’s finances at the July monthly meeting, it was found that the builders of the bypass, Bam Construction, had originally estimated the cost at €30m but it is now seeking €76m from the local authority.

The Council has already handed over €34m to the construction company and they are discussions about the rest of the payments.

In the audit it showed that Bam’s bill includes the original €30m estimate plus and additional €46m  in outstanding items excluding VAT.

Cathaoirleach of Kerry County Council, John Brassil (FF), expressed his dismay at the amount, while Cllr Robert Beasley said Bam should never get a contract again from the Council.

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  1. I’m in business over 25 years , and I have to do my sums when it comes to getting a shot at any special order! I generally get it right but sometimes I could be a little out! In these circumstances I hold to my word and maybe not make as much profit on said deal as I should!! It beggers belief that someone in a big organisation when talking in millions can come back n say it’s actually double what we quoted !! Utterly fantastic!