Zoe’s World: Sunshine Is Great For Getting Us Teens Out Of The Bedroom

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Zoe 1HAVE you noticed that there have been a lot of smiley people walking around Tralee lately?

Considering that this can sometimes be a rare occurrence, you may have thought that you have been seeing things. Maybe it is what the sun is doing to your eyes?

Somehow Ireland has managed to find itself in an early heatwave, and there are more benefits than just a rise in Vitamin D levels.

The teenage generation in particular, are known for being an indoor species. No matter how much our parents whine on and on at us, we will most likely remain confined to our bedrooms. But, when the sun comes out; it is a totally different story.

We are out in the sunshine almost immediately and we actually begin to speak to real human beings (go figure) and we generally have a lot more fun.

A huge perk is that mobile devices tend to disappear, unless someone runs inside to check how long this beautiful weather is due to last.

Did you know that it is pretty damn hard to use your phone in the sunlight; no matter how much you play with the brightness settings.

Which leaves no choice but to put down the phone and actually enjoy the good weather.

Another perk of the good weather has to be the added positivity to the town. Instead of moaning about the bad weather, we can have long winded conversations about how beautiful it is out and if I am being honest, I am liking the improvements.

I know that I can get a good laugh out of practically anything on the internet nowadays but my friends actually tend to be quite funny. I have laughed a lot harder over the past few days than I have in quite a while. Maybe the fresh air fumes have been messing with my head…

While the good weather lasts, let’s try to spend less time documenting it on Facebook, and more time enjoying it.

It’s Ireland so we mightn’t be seeing the sun for a while. We might as well pay our respects while we can.

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