Zoe’s World: I’m About To Fly The Nest

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AS a child, I always dreamed of moving away from home, spreading my wings and exploring the world.

I know that not every child is like that, people who don’t want to join the masses of people in airport queues or who don’t want to go to college.

Which of course is completely okay, as everyone has different aspirations and many people couldn’t think of anything worse than having to endure lectures and yet more timetables.

For me though, I can’t think of anything more satisfying that manoeuvring my way through a college experience.

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I personally see small mindedness as the enemy – it breeds jealousy, gossip and hatred. When people don’t allow themselves to broaden their horizons in any way, shape or form (I’m not just referring to 3rd level here), it can be very hard to see beyond their own four walls.

Think of all the people in America who voted for Trump. I mean, over here, the predominant view is that he is crazy.

When he was elected, I was flabbergasted – you might have been too. But people actually voted for him, many of those people reside in the middle states, the small towns… and I may get some heat for this, but some of those states are often known as ‘hicksville’.

They actually support this man because they believed that he would provide them with jobs, and they couldn’t see anything beyond that.

Personally, I am hitchhiking across the country to pursue my dreams in the capital. You may be surprised by how much heat I get for that, because people seem to think that I am criticising all the colleges closer to home as I decided not to go there. Which of course is not the case.

Everyone is entitled to go study where they wish, or not study if that’s what they choose. I acknowledge how lucky I am that I have the opportunity to choose to continue my education – so please don’t hate on anyone who decides to do the same.

It doesn’t matter where they go, or what they wish to do with their lives; if it doesn’t directly affect you… Release that lease of judgement and disdain and just let them spread their wings.

So I’m about to fly the nest… let us see where this journey takes us.


  1. hillary clinton was also toxic and a vote for big business and war with russia.
    trump just an ugly face on what america has always been like.
    colleges will try to medicate you for exam extensions don’t let them and stay the course.

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    Maybe Zoe should release that lease of judgement and disdain?

    “Think of all the people in America who voted for Trump. I mean, over here, the predominant view is that he is crazy” – how do you (Zoe) know this!

    As for your articles use of ‘hicksville’ to refer to rural Americans who voted for their President, they do not deserve this type of insult. It is ignorant to insult and label any American citizen like this!

    I think Zoe should watch the following video and wake up to the possible manipulation that is going on in the western world!

    It looks like Soros money is being well spent when it comes to the so called millennial generation and their brain washing!