All Areas Of Crime Increased In Kerry Last Year

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THERE has been an increase in all areas of crime in the past 12 months on 2016 figures, according to statistics from the Kerry Garda Division.

The figures, which compared 2o16 and 2017 stats, were revealed at the Joint Policing Committee meeting in Killorglin on Friday.

In the area of Property Crime, there was a 17% increase of incidents from 1,047 in 2016 to 1,222 last year; in Crimes Against The Person from 551 to 623, a 13% increase; in Criminal Damage from 1,643 to 1,679 (2%) and in Drugs And Offensive Weapons offences from 472 to 665 (41%).

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In the area of Property Crime, non-aggravated burglary incidents increased from 171 to 245 (43%) while there was the same amount of aggravated burglaries (5) as in 2016.

Theft of vehicles was the same as in 2016 with 29 incidents, while theft from vehicles increased by 27% from 98 to 124. Thefts from shops increased by 8% from 429 to 465. Theft of other property rose by 18% from 223 to 264.

In the area of Crimes Against The Person, there was one murder in the county last year, the same as in 2016. Murder threats increased from seven in 2016 to 11 in 2017. Assaults causing harm increase by 12%, from 106 to 119, minor assaults increased by 9% from 311 to 340.

In the area of Criminal Damage and Public Order, there were 15 cases of arson compared to 12 in 2016. There were 319 cases of criminal damage compared to 314 in 2016. Public Order offences rose by 6% from 755 to 804, but drunkenness offences fell by 4% from 541 to 562.

In the area of Drugs And Offensive Weapons, possession of dugs for sale and supply offences rose from 70 to 113, a 61% rise, possession of drugs for personal use rose 42% from 332 to 470. Possession of offensive weapons rose 16% from 31 to 36.


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