Dangerous Portuguese Man O War Spotted Out In Fenit

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A Portuguese Man of War.

IF you’re out in Fenit for a walk stay away from these guys.

According to the Tralee Bay Swimming Club Facebook page, there were a number of Portuguese Man of War spotted on Fenit Island yesterday by a member, Elaine Burrows Dillane.

They carry a nasty sting and can be fatal in some circumstances so beware when walking or swimming there.

The advice from the club is to treat immediately with vinegar and / or very hot water and seek medical attention.

Just yesterday, British newspapers have been reporting increased sightings of the species and say there have been 2,000 so far this year along their coast.

Meanwhile, the Tralee Bay Swimming Club is looking forward to their social highlight of the year on Saturday when they will gather at The Meadowlands Hotel for their annual awards night.

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