Fuel Prices In Tralee Stations Static Since Beginning Of Year

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THE price of petrol and diesel has stayed pretty much the same since the start of the year at the garages around town.

In our monthly check on the prices of fuel, it shows that there is no difference between the prices since our last check five weeks ago, apart from around three stations where the price came down by a cent.

Prices have only risen by a cent per litre – or in some cases not all – in the garages since the start of January.

There is virtually no difference between almost all of the petrol stations in terms of prices, apart from Texaco in Oakpark which is six cent per litre dearer for petrol and diesel than the rest. See the full list of prices below…

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• Applegreen, Fairies Cross – €1.33.8 (diesel €1.23.8)

• Applegreen, Manor Village – €1.33.8 (diesel €1.23.8)

• Monavalley Service Station – €1.33.8 (diesel €1.23.8)

• Top, Caherslee – €1.33.8 (diesel €1.23.8)

• Topaz, (Joe O’Connor’s) Clash – €1.33.8 (diesel €1.23.8)

• Inver, Castlemaine Road €1.33.9 (diesel €1.23.9)

• Inver, Rathass – €1.33.9 (diesel €1.23.9)

• Topaz, Manor West – €1.33.9 (diesel €1.23.9)

• Topaz, Mounthawk – €1.33.9 (diesel €1.23.9)

• Esso, North Circular Road – €1.33.9 (diesel €1.23.9)

• Texaco Blennerville – €1.33.9 (diesel €1.24.9)

• Texaco, Oakpark – €1.39.9 (diesel €1.29.9)

(Prices correct as of 11am on Friday morning)

Top, Horan Centre, prices were not displayed at 10.45am when we passed. 

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