Rock Street ‘Video’ Store Is Now The Last Picture Show

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John McCormick, runs 'Top of The Rock Video' on Rock Street. Photo by Gavin O'Connor.

John McCormick, runs ‘Top of The Rock Video’ on Rock Street. Photo by Gavin O’Connor.

THE closure of Xtra-Vision in Manor West this week means that there is only one DVD rental store left in Tralee.

That store is ‘Top of The Rock Video’ which has been an institution on Rock Street since the dawn of the video rental days back in the early 80’s., spoke to John McCormick who has run ‘Top of The Rock Video’ for the past 12 years. The closure of 80 Xtra-vision stores nationwide is yet another sign of a dying industry.

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“I know I was in competition with them, but it’s sad for them really,” said John McCormick.

A journey to the ‘video’ shop was once a ritual carried out the world over, but now in the face online streaming sites, internet piracy and iTunes, rental sales have been plummeting year on year.

“Downloading off the internet and Netflix all those things has effected business. We still have a certain amount of regular customers, whether it’s enough to keep us operating for another while I do not know to be quite honest with you.”

“It’s sad, but it’s the way of the world at the moment,” said John.

Many movie lovers will have happy memories of heading off on a Friday or Saturday night to pick out the latest release, classic piece of cinema, or some complete rubbish you picked out only because you liked the look of the cover. Changing times…

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