Last Minute Tips For The Upcoming Exams

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Winter Swimmers 11th Nov 15Career Guidance Counsellor and freelance writer, Billy Ryle, offers some last minute tips for the upcoming State Exams which begin next Wednesday… 


• Concentrate on subjects being examined in the first week

• Complete major revision by Sunday night

• In a relaxed study session on Monday concentrate on tips and predictions

• On Tuesday just skim over your revision notes for an hour or two

• Your most important asset going into an exam is a clear and alert mind

• Heavy study sessions on the eve of an exam are not a good idea

• Regular aerobic exercise during the exam period will keep you physically relaxed

• Get a good night’s sleep before each subject exam.

• Eat well during the exams when you’ll need high reserves of energy

• Keep fluid levels high to avoid dehydration

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• Arrange the equipment and materials you will need for the exams

• Organise your personal needs such as a watch and tissues

• Spend the few minutes before entering the exam centre in peace and quiet

• Be in your seat a few minutes before the start of each exam

• Check that your seat and desk are firm and steady

Answering Strategy

• Read the instructions carefully

• Know what to expect but be prepared for the unexpected

• A planned approach to answering leads to success

• A well-presented script makes a favourable impression

• Number your questions clearly and write neatly and legibly

• Leave some blank space at the end of each question in case you wish to revisit it

• Read the entire paper before deciding which questions you will answer

• Keep your answers concise, accurate and relevant


• Be familiar, well in advance, with the logistics of each exam paper

• Be careful with a paper which is subdivided into subsections

• Handle a recent past paper for familiarity with its physical appearance and colour


• The time spent on a question must be in proportion to the marks for the question

• Proper allocation of time will enable you to attempt the required number of questions

• Reread the question when you have answered it to ensure you haven’t left out a part

• Do not leave the exam centre before the end of the exam

• Once an exam is over, spend as little time as possible on a post-mortem


• The Leaving Cert (LC) exam takes place from Wed., 8th June to Fri., 24th June

• The Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) exam is from Wed.,8th June to Thurs.,16th June

• The Junior Cert exam takes place from Wed., 8th June to Thurs., 23rd June

Exam timetables are available on

Good luck to everybody facing into the State Exams!

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