Out To Lunch: The Festival Food Market

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The Barracuda Barbecue Company pitched up on Denny Street.

WITH the week that’s in it I decided to give a wander around The Mall and Denny Street to see what the street traders were serving up.

I love this aspect of the festival. Many, many years ago, punters engaged in a sort of food roulette when they bought a burger from one of the many vendors (with some bowel-worrying results) but the standard has improved since those bad old days.

Today there is a huge variety of fare on offer. Sweet and savoury crepes, bratwurst, burgers, hot dogs, chinese food, paella, french traditional dishes and spanish churro are just some of the foods on offer stretching from outside Charlie’s Bakery on the Mall all the way up to the KDYS on Denny Street.

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Advanced Fitness

I usually make a glutton of myself and true to form I excelled myself on Friday. I first went for a regular hot-dog (€3) for starters – rather than the foot-long bratwurst – at the ‘Swing Grill’ at the top of Denny Street.

It was tasty enough but the bun is too big for the sausage. Then I went down to ‘Barracuda’ for some onions, barbecued pork and herb potatoes (€7). This was more like it as it came in a big tub and was really tasty with delicious pork.

That was all I could handle at this sitting, but I fear I’ll be back to the Swing Grill soon for that foot-long dog.


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