Medical Conference To Provide Tourism Boost To Town This Weekend

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The Rose Hotel.

ALMOST 250 doctors and people involved in the medical and pharmaceutical industry will attend a medical conference in The Rose Hotle this weekend, bringing a timely economic boost to the town.

The 6th annual scientific meeting of the Primary Care Surgical Association is being held  in The Rose Hotel in Tralee on September 29/30 and is one of the biggest medical conferences ever to be held in Tralee.

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This major national medical conference will attract approximately 150 doctors from all over Ireland and the United Kingdom who perform community surgery.

‘’We have some of the top experts on community surgery coming from Ireland, the UK and Spain to talk and present workshops at this event. Killarney has traditionally hosted these major medical meetings but I feel Tralee can offer the same, if not better facilities to attract national medical meetings,’’ said Dr David Buckley, the local organiser and secretary of the Primary Care Surgical Association.

There will be a large pharmaceutical exhibition running in conjunction with the meeting. This meeting should bring approximately 250 people to Tralee for the weekend.

“This is a welcome boost to the local economy on this shoulder season and hopefully will help attract other major medical meetings  to Tralee in the future,” said Dr Buckley.

Most delegates are GPs who perform surgical procedures in their own practices such as removal of select cases of skin cancer, vasectomies, circumcisions, removal of ingrown toenails and removal of various annoying or dangerous lumps or bumps on the skin.

These community surgery procedures are carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic and it is usually safer, more convenient and less expensive for these procedures to be carried out in the community rather than in hospitals.

A particular focus of this year’s meeting is a cryosurgery masterclass which will focus on using very cold liquids and gasses to ‘’freeze off’’ the various skin lesions. These usually include warts, verrucas, keloid scars and some skin cancers.

Speakers include, Dr Paola Pasquali, a consultant dermatologist from Spain and a world leader in cryosurgery, Prof Colm O’Mahony, an expert in sexual health from the UK and our own Dr David Buckley, who has lectured nationally and internationally on cryosurgical techniques.

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