New Figures Show Kerry Drivers Among The Lowest In Country For Penalty Points

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Speeding is the main cause of penalty points being issued.

KERRY has ranked amongst the lowest in the country for drivers with penalty points according to an Irish Times report.

Kerry ranks number 23 out of the 26 counties in terms of the percentage of points gathered by drivers, but is also ranked among the highest mortality rates on the roads in the country with nine fatal accidents per 100,000 over the period of time of the study by the newspaper.

The figures seem to suggest a correlation between high mortality rates on the road in places where penalty points are given out less frequently.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) says this data does needs to treated with a bit of caution due to the fact that penalty points relate to where the driver is from and not where the offence occurred.

To see the full Irish Times article click here.




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