Niall Hobbert: Invest A Little To Save A Lot

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Spring Clinic Details

rsz_niall_hobbert_gym_1THANK you all so much for the great response to last week’s article about untrained running coaches.

This week I am going to stick to the Topic of ‘Running’ for runners.

It is essential to have core stability to maximize performance and prevent Injury. The core of your body is where you derive your power from, it provides the foundation for all arm and leg movements.

Your core must be strong, flexible and unimpeded in its movements to achieve maximum performance.

Imbalances weaken your core. Training long hours doesn’t guarantee that you will have core stability. In fact spending too much time working within one plane of motion often creates core imbalance. Add these imbalances to stresses caused by poor posture during running, and the repetitive motions you have the equation for the development of a weak core.

Addressing core stability issues can only be done with the guidance of a professional conditioning trainer, physio or a strength and conditioning expert.

Often these professionals are overlooked as there’s a fee associated to their services, but as some of you are aware “invest a little” and save a lot in the medium and long term.

The first steps in dealing with issues of core stability must be analysed and identified. Active release techniques are specifically designed to do just this.

Remember that motion is not an isolated event that occurs in one direction. Body movement is a complex event involving agonists and antagonist structure that work together top create motion and to stabilize the body in all three directional planes.

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For those of you following Niall’s Get In Shape For Summer Programme, here’s Week 3’s details with a video guide

Week 3: (Twice Daily without fail and excuses)

75 squats, 25 push ups, 6 x 30 second planks, 3 x 30 seconds of mountain climbers, 2 x 25 tummy crunches

Watch the video below for exercise tips…

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