Orlagh Winters: Cyclists Need To Lighten Up And Brighten Up On The Roads

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Orlagh new profile 1LAST night I was driving down from Galway back to Kerry.

It was a stunning evening when I set off on the trip and I am sure that this added to the reason a lot of people chose to go out for a walk or a cycle.

It is of course fabulous to get out and get some fresh air in the lungs and indeed great for the mind too.

What baffles me though, is the amount of people who walk  or cycle on busy roads with absolutely no regard for motorists. In the few hours that I was in the car, it went from dusk to darkness. I just don’t get that in this day and age, people still walk or cycle in dark clothes with no reflective clothing.

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Cyclists who cycle two or three abreast with the outside cyclist in dark clothes while the others are in bright clothes? Surely common sense has to come into play at some stage with people.

I hate even making the point, as so many cyclists are probably traning for a charity cycle and  are doing good. I would just ask them to lighten and brighten up.

Last night though, approaching Tralee just took the biscuit. There were two women, one pushing a pram in the hard shoulder near The Earl of Desmond Hotel. The pram was dark, their clothing was dark and it is a busy road.

The thought occured to me if a driver had to pull in unexpectedly that this little walking party would be in trouble.

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Of course I am not saying that the roads are  just for motorists and not everyone has pathways near their homes to walk on, but with the evenings getting shorter now and finally with the forecast looking a little better, please just be mindful.

There are high visibility jackets available from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) so please get one and wear it.

Exercise is so important and I know that for many, including myself, a long walk clears the head. Lately I have been walking on Banna Strand and it really is like heaven on earth these days.

On the subject of the weather improving, get out and enjoy it as, according to the experts, it is expected to last for a few days. Let’s be honest we really could do with it, I always think that it makes the winter seem a little shorter.

Until next week,

Stay safe and lighten up!

Orlagh xx

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