Out To Lunch: Mozart’s Still In Tune With Tastebuds

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Ashe Street


THE Ashe Street/Courthouse Lane part of town is becoming a real diverse ‘cuisine quarter’ of town in the past year.

As well as LANA Asian Street Food opening in the past couple of months, Il Forno has been dishing out quality Italian fare since last October and you’ve Chez Christophe around the corner.

Mozart’s, on the other hand, has been going for donkey’s years now – well, since 1999 anyway which is a long time by any cafe/restaurants standards.

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How have they survived? Well, there’s no real secret to the success of any restaurant like Mozart’s; hard work, consistently good food, great service and a top location. That’ll do it.

It’s difficult to get a table during lunchtime, so I turned up with the family to a virtually empty restaurant on Friday afternoon at 3pm.

I’ve written before – just over two years ago in fact – about the tasteful decor and stylish look of the eaterie which applies again on this visit.

The very friendly waitress distributed menus, which have pretty much all you could want from a cafe/restaurnant to satisfy any lunch cravings.

I went for one of the Focaccias – Spanish sausage, garlic mayo, pineapple, melted mozzarella, fries and salad (€8.95).

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My better half went for one of the specials of the day; a bap with chicken, cheese, stuffing with sweet chilli mayo, fries and salad (€8.95), while the small girl ordered sausages and chips.

Of course, with hardly anyone in the premises, the orders weren’t long in arriving and the first impression was of the generous plates of food.

My focaccia dish was very tasty, but by its nature, stodgy. The bread was thick, the sausage very thin, the cheese, well, cheesy, and the pineapple delicious. The chips were not of the homemade variety (boo!) but the salad was great (yay!).

My more astute, palate-sensitive dining companions had nothing but praise for their dishes. The chicken bap was declared delicious, while the six year old devoured her ‘sossies’ and chips.

I normally wouldn’t order something so carb-heavy, but I really enjoyed it, The bill, including coffee and tea came to €28.

Good food, lovely surroundings, great service. No gripes here.



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