PHOTOS: The Mall Is All Set To Welcome Festival Visitors

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The Mall open to all on Saturday.

SO the workmen are gone now and we’re on our own!

Yes, the workers who have been transforming  the Mall won’t be seen for about two weeks and in fairness they’ve left the area in fine fettle.

The Mall is open to pedestrians now and in this writer’s opinion it looks great. The whole area is surfaced up past Quinlan’s Fish where a barrier is blocking cars from coming down.

The stalls are set to move into the Mall next week and it’s sure to add even more life into the area. Work on the area will resume on August 28 and will continue until mid-November. Scroll down for photos…

The Mall on Saturday.


The wide open space of The Mall.

Beautiful plant pots at the entrance to the Mall.

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  1. What a great job I must say it’s so nice to walk the Mall the work Men were great good workers . Kerry County Councal must be pleased with this Beautiful Job . So prode to be for Tralee. Role on the Festival and Semi Final next Sunday . Well dune to all inloved .