Roger Harty: Body Gratitude (Part Two)

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rsz_roger_hartyI REMEMBER watching a film many years ago (for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it) but the gist of it was that a man lost a 50,000 dollar engagement ring only to discover that the young girl next door had found the said ring.

When he went into the house, much to his astonishment, he found the young girl playing ‘house’ with the ring.

He asked the mother for the ring and to his amazement she replied that he should allow her little angel to finish her game.

He looked at the mother and asked “who’s in charge here?” grabbed the ring and left the house abruptly leaving the forlorn mother with her mouth open.

Two good questions to ask about our bodies are as follows;

(a) Who’s in charge? and  (b) If I had a car would I consciously put bad petrol in it?

The answer to (a) has to be that I take responsibility for all of my decisions and that includes what food I nourish my body with – If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me.

In other words if I am going to make changes I have to take ownership, and take stock of the real benefits to me. It is a good idea to do a cost / benefit reality check at this stage.

(b) I would not consciously put bad petrol into my car nor would I put bad food into my body.

The key word here is consciously which basically means being aware. The foods that we are eating might be putting a large amount of stress on our bodies.

Another good question to ask is – If the cells of our body could talk what would they be saying?

For instance, if I ate a large burger and chips late at night before I go to bed. At the time of eating I may be ravenous and find the food ‘delicious’ but the reality is that might not be the way the way the cells of my stomach see it (definitely isn’t!).

Firstly, I am about to go to sleep so that food is going to remain in my intestines overnight as the digestive cells go ‘off duty’ while I am sleeping.

Secondly that food is highly processed and full of all sorts of additives. If this sort of unaware behaviour is carried out on a regular basis, is it any wonder that there is proliferation of all sorts of diseases including cancer.

This puts huge stress on the cells of the body as  they are being asked to perform tasks in the body which they are unable to do on a sustained basis.

That is only one example. Other examples are how much preservatives are in our food?

Please remember the type of foods that are being promoted in the middle aisles of supermarkets (biscuits, chocolates, pizzas etc. etc. etc.).

These foods were not available in our ancestors’ time and even up to 100 years ago.

Are our bodies capable of digesting these foods, and if not, what are the long term effects? Are these the reasons behind the proliferation of cancer and diabetes in modern society due to the stress that they most definitely cause on the cells of our bodies.

Unfortunately because of modern availability, advertising and clever marketing, we are, as a human race, being led like ‘lambs to the slaughter’ unless we resist these changes with awareness.

Look at the long term benefits/harm to our own health never mind the enormous costs to the health system. I’m flagging this now because just like the Celtic Tiger the chickens will come home to roost and we can already see the effects by the ginourmous costs of health insurance!

Last year I was in a huge hospital in England. On the second floor they were treating people with cancer and diabetes, while on the first floor there were modern fast food restaurants readily dishing out the types of food that were causing the difficulties in the floor above.

Supply and demand! Society gone mad.

Bottom line. Eat foods that are kind to our bodies e.g food that are on the peripheral isles of supermarkets –meats, fresh fruit and vegetables (see I have nothing against supermarkets!) and drink an adequate amount of water as our cells require hydration.

This gives our bodies the required nourishment to run smoothly. This is the best way to show real gratitude to the cells of our body, by loving them and not stressing them – so safe driving!

Next week I am going to write about Body Confidence 

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