Roger Harty: Keep It Simple Sweetheart (Stupid)

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KISS is an acronym for – Keep It Simple Stupid.

In order not to offend anyone and in the event that I am speaking to a lady, one can replace Stupid with Sweetheart. So Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

The bottom line is the same thing, it is telling us that when life gets difficult and problems arise then remember to KISS.

When problems arise, as they inevitably will, and we are searching for solutions, then one of the best things we can do is to go back to basics.

Remember a simple apple falling from a tree helped Newton develop his Universal Law of Gravitation.

They say the best things in life are free and how true that statement is. Just because it’s free and readily available to us does not mean we should take it for granted, in fact if it is good for us we should appreciate it all the more.

Take air for example. It is readily free and available, we cannot live without it yet how many of us take it for granted. It is only when we are deprived of it that we really learn how vital it is to our existence.

I’m sure the Chilean miners of a few years ago became very aware of the importance of air when their lives were at stake.

In a similar way the use of our breath is equally important. What is the first thing that you did when you were born? – Breathe. What is the last thing you will do before you die? – Breathe.

The use of our breath in everyday life is so important to us, even to our very survival, yet how much import do we render it. Nothing could be simpler than the breath.

When we are happy and content we breathe slowly, when we are excited or in danger we breathe quickly. If we lose control of out breathing we think we are going to die.

For a happy life it is essential to know that we have the ability to control our breath, especially when we face difficult times. We control within and thus we are masters of our own destiny.

That is what Jesus meant when he said “Be still and know that I Am God”

Knowing this and that our breath is always with us is a very soothing experience. Nothing could be simpler — A perfect example of KISS in action.

As the song goes – All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you!

• Next week I am going to write about — Time

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