Roger Harty: The Power Of Observation

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SOMETIMES, unfortunately, it is only later in life that we learn to appreciate the wisdom that has being handed down to us from our elders.

I had an Aunt who would always give the same advice should an argument begin to arise. She would regularly advise “Don’t get inwolved”.

I purposefully spelled involved with a ‘w’ because phonetically that was how she pronounced it and in my mind’s eye I can still hear her saying it.

What great advice it was because if we don’t get involved we don’t get sucked in, either emotionally or physically and believe it or not often the problem/argument begins ‘to peter out’.

Observation brings exactly the same qualities. When we truly observe we simply do not get sucked in or get involved. We simply observe.

True observation is a state of stillness. When we allow time to stand still we create the conditions for the Power that arises from this state to emerge. This is what I mean by the Power of Observation.

How does this Power work.

Again take Nature for example. A classic portrayal of this is when we watch birds of prey in action. In particular those who prey on fish.

Watch how they observe through stillness all that is going on around them often from a great distance and often for long periods of time.

They know that the time for action will come and that the reward will be bountiful but not just yet. For the moment it is best to be still and observe knowing that the rewards will come.

They know in their heart of hearts that the best results come from this observation, it is necessary and it works. That’s why they do it and it is part and parcel of their very survival as a species. Such is the Power, it is hidden in the art of Observation.

In a similar way that is why meditation is used as a very powerful tool for healing. When we are truly meditating we are brought into a state of stillness.

How do we know we are in a state of stillness?

Answer: When we are observing.

You see true observation means that we are in a state of being non-judgemental. There is no thinking involved there is no judgement just simple observation. It is a State of Being.

The Power that arises is the Power that arises from being in that State. This Power cannot fully be explained in words it has to be experienced.

Observation is the state from which this Power arises. Just like the birds of prey this Power always produces results.

This is what Jesus meant when He said. “Be still and know that I Am God”

Stillness and Observation go hand in hand.

• Next week I am going to write about — Allowing.


  1. Roger,
    you are blessed with the gift of observation
    and you have the wonderful ability to express
    your view succintly.
    Great article