Roger Harty: Smile And The World Smiles With You

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I SIMPLY love the old sayings. It’s not just a simple love it’s often that they encapsulate within them an enormous amount of wisdom that can bring – if applied – great benefit to our lives.

Very often all we need to do is to take the time to give these sayings the time and attention to get to the bottom of their true meaning.

Yes, the phrase ‘to get to the bottom’ says it all. In its true context here it is telling us that these sayings are very profound in the message they deliver.

I suppose we could call them ‘truisms’ (an undoubted or self-evident truth) in the sense that they connect us to the truth of how to lead a happy and self-fulfilling life.

One such saying is one that my mother used to use on a regular basis — ‘Smile and the world smiles with you, weep and you weep alone’

On closer examination we can see that we are responsible in many ways for the world that we create for ourselves.

If we create for ourselves through our thoughts, words, and actions a world that is full of danger, evil and mistrust then that is the world that we exist in.

A world of fear and anxiety. (Weep)

However if through our thoughts, words and actions we create a world that is loving, caring, kind and abundant then that is the world that we live in.

A world of love,  knowing at a deep level that all is well. (Smile)

So the advice (if we follow!!) is to Smile if at all possible. This is something that can even be applied in times of difficulty and I would go on to say is that that is when this advice comes into its own – in times of difficulty.

If we do this we are sending a message of ‘Calm’ to our bodies. This in turn will help to reduce stress. The reason is as follows.

Take the opposite for example.

If we send fear – our body goes into a ‘fight or flight mode’ which in turn initiates the stress hormones. These hormones are necessary to protect us from danger over a short period of time but if they are ‘turned on’ over sustained longer periods of time they can be very harmful to our bodies. (Our body organs,  liver, kidneys etc pick up on the stress and don’t function properly)

If this is the case (i.e. a truth) then the opposite is also true. When we live in a life free of stress (as much as possible!!) the organs of our bodies function in a much better manner and this in turn is far more beneficial to our long term health.

No I’m not suggesting that we live in a fictional world but what I am saying that smiling and looking at the world in a positive way is beneficial to our health.

As the optician said, ‘We can’t change the world but we can always change how we look at it!!!!!!’

Next week I am going to write about — We are in control.


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