Roundys Bar Closes…But Will Open Again In Two Weeks

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ROUNDYS Bar in Tralee has shut its doors…but only for two weeks.

The popular bar had been run by Stewart Lyons for over four years, but the lease has expired and the owners have decided to take up the mantle again.

Alan and Francis Fitzgibbon will be reopening the bar in two weeks time. According to Francis, they will be closing for a refurbishment and a few other changes. They wished Stewart well in the future.

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The bar first opened in 2007 and is the only bar in town with a living tree in the back. Francis said they plan to continue serving delicious cocktails, craft beer and regular beers to customers.

In an Instagram post last night, Stewart Lyons thanked all who made the pub such a success over the past number of years.

“It’s been an incredible four and a half years. A big thank you to everyone who has supported our blend of cocktails, craft beer, art and funk.¬†It’s been emotional.”

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