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Sean Taaffe AppSean Taaffe of Sean Taaffe Hair And Beauty answers questions on all things hair-related in his new column for…

Q. I’ve long dyed blond hair and have had it this way for years. My hairdresser has recently refused to colour it and advised me not to use straightens or wands on it. Are they overreacting?

Sean Says: Firstly it’s doubtful that they are over reacting.

Hairdressing is a business like any other and refusing to colour someone’s hair means less revenue to the hairdresser.

However, as professionals, hairdressers have an obligation to prioritise the health of your hair over money in the till and I think this is the right thing.

If your hair is heavily highlighted or bleached or long or fine, it’s likely that the hair is over processed which means that if it’s coloured there may be a risk of further damage or breakage (where strands actually snap).

This is probably also the reason you’ve been advised to stay away from heat products as the excessive heat can actually snap the hair in a similar way that if you fare ironing a delicate item of clothing and the iron is too hot you end up with a hole in the garment.

The same with your hair only the ‘hole’ is your hair actually snapped!

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My Advice?  Do a course of intensive treatments specifically designed to strengthen your hair. I recommend joico kpak 4 step as an emergency treatment or another reconstructing treatment, a normal conditioning treatment will not suffice as this only softens the hair and gives shine you need to build up the internal structure of the hair (cement it if you will).

Do this for a number of weeks, reduce your colouring. For example do partial colour eg. parting area only and get your hairdresser to reassess after a short period.

Possibly consider taking some off if the ends are in very bad condition.

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  1. i have seen a girls hair break or snap as they call it , to a quarter inch left from hair down half her back, I could not believe it, do the treatment thing,