Thanks To You, We’ve Gone Over 15,000 Likes On Facebook

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TraleeToday LikesIT was nice to wake up this morning to see we’ve passed another milestone here at

After just over two years, our Facebook page has notched up just over 15,000 organic likes. It’s all thanks to you, the readers, who click on the links to read the stories here on the website.

According to Facebook, it’s not just people in Tralee and Kerry who are clicking on, so hello to our readers in Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Palestine and everyone else and the 27 other countries who like the page, listing 27 languages including Catalan, Afrikaans, Vietnamese, Hebrew and, er, ‘Leet Speak’?!

Kerry people are everywhere…and multilingual! (by the way, feel free to invite your friends to like the page!)

Of course, the vast majority are in Tralee and Kerry, so thanks for visiting and please support our advertisers who are the only reason we can keep the show on the road.

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