Brassil Loses Nearly A Stone In A Fortnight Thanks To The ‘C-Plan’

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John Brassil TD on the canvass chatting to Anthony Garvey.

IT’S the new weight-loss fad that’s sweeping the nation in the past few weeks and a local TD is feeling the benefits. What is it? Canvassing!

Yes, apparently traipsing up and down the roads and estates of the county looking for votes will get you fit and losing weight faster than you can say “ballot box”.

Kerry Fianna Fáil TD, John Brassil, can testify to this. He says he will have walked the equivalent distance of Kerry to Dail Eireann in kilometres by the time this election campaign is over.

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“I have clocked up 366,494 steps to date, walked 274 kilometres and have lost 12 pounds in just over two weeks,” said the Ballyheigue man yesterday. “I am averaging between 4000 – 5000 calories a day in my quest to make it back to the Dail.

“I think it is important to knock on as many doors as possible and talk to as many people as I can before next Saturday’s vote.”

So you know what to do folks, pick an election candidate and follow them around Kerry for the next six days. You’ll look like a weird stalker but hey, just watch those pounds shift!

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    I had one of Kerry Fianna Fáil TD, John Brassils canvassers call to my home. I decide to explain why I will not be voting for John Brassil or Fianna Fáil TD.

    There is no real difference between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Hence, why a lot of Irish people refer to them as FFG.

    Under Micheal Martin Fianna Fáil was changed to a Liberalist, Pro Europeanist party.

    Fianna Fáil is a European Unionist party just like Fine Gael and Sinn Féin. In fact, the only difference between above 3 main parties is that Sinn Féin is just further to the left.

    Republicanism / Nationalism is “backward-looking” according to Micheal Martin.

    Yes, Fianna Fáil, just like Fine Gael and Sinn Féin are going to solve the housing crisis by finally building in 2020! even, with the double economic tsunami of Brexit and the Corona virus or is there some economic miracle my vision is missing that the geniuses of Fianna Fáil know about! lol.

    John Brassil, you are losing more than weight by not listening to peoples concerns regarding Immigration, housing and Irish sovereignty.

    A bit of advice for John Brassil, if you want to lose weight – just get off the European Unionist supporting gravy train, tighten your belt, roll up your sleeves and get working harder for your own nations and peoples interests!

    MEP Reveals TRUE Cost of the European Union | Janice Atkinson, MEP: