PHOTOS: The Trees In The Mall Are Gone

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All that’s left of the trees in The Mall. Photo by Dermot Crean

THAT didn’t take very long.

Shoppers and  workers were greeted with a different looking Mall this morning as the 13 trees which adorned the area were cut down.

As reported yesterday, the trees were to be removed by the Council in anticipation of works on The Mall later this year.

Many traders were disappointed with the decision and others expressed their anger on social media with some worried about birdlife in the trees.

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The workers started very early this morning and had the job done by the time many people were arriving for work.

Despite the fact there was no foliage on the trees this time of year, The Mall still looks a bit bare as you can see. Scroll down for photos…

The Mall trees yesterday….

…and this morning. Photos by Dermot Crean


The trees yesterday…

…and today only stumps remain. Photos by Dermot Crean

The bench outside the entrance to The Square.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    why plant traditional trees in the first place- only to cut them down! 🙁

    The issues are always the same in Irish urban areas – they get to large with roots or branches.

    So, why not plant tropical palm trees in the town centre as we are part of the wild Atlantic way after all and palm trees would give us more of a coastal or beach image to project for Tralee’s coastal tourism!

    After all – Kerry’s coastal areas are warmed by the Gulf Stream and support a lush, almost tropical, vegetation. Temperatures tend not to get as low as they are elsewhere – why not make this fact into part of our tourist image.

    Garnish Island is famous for its tropical plants and image!

    Look at the central picture in the visit Ukraine website and they are doing it in the Crimea too as a tourism brand.

    no more structural problems to footpaths, blocking of light to buildings or have leafs fall in the Autumn!

  2. That’s an absolute disgrace, hundreds of pied wagtails roost in those trees every night.