Roger Harty: The Power of Three

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I WROTE an article about Oneness on a previous occasion (view here), which basically tells us about the essence of what we are (energy, spirit).

Developing a sense of Oneness is a great way to develop peace within oneself.

People often talk about duality (Two!) – Where the body and mind are considered to be irreducibly distinct.

The problem with Two is that it can often infer that a choice has to me made and thus is a recipe for conflict. Right/Wrong, Good/Bad, Love/Hate, Safe/Danger, White/Black               Will I/Won’t I

Let me explain from a philosophical point of view what I mean by Two here, is the constant debate that goes on between the Mind and the Heart. (What we call head and heart)

I listen to my head – but my heart tells me otherwise.

I listen to my heart – but my head tells me otherwise.

There is constant debate between the two as both believe they are right.

Now The Power of Three brings its own gift. What is so beautiful about Three? – Well the main beauty is that it is not Two.

You see when you have three you can have the conflict between the head and heart but most importantly you can still have room for the observer of the conflict.

It is essential that ‘the observer’ of the conflict simply watches what is going on but does not in any way get emotionally involved in the conflict.

When we observe in this manner a sense of peace arises within as the observer is always neutral and thus peaceful.

The great mystic Eckhart Tolle suggests that the observer should look on at the conflict between head and heart (if there is one!) with a sense of amusement and the most it should comment is “Isn’t that interesting”

I suppose one could compare it to a mother watching an argument between two of her children but allows them the space to work it out between themselves without getting involved.

It may be a difficult thing to do for the third party not to get involved but it certainly is a good way to achieve inner peace.

The power of Three is celebrated in many ways around the world.

In the world of Christianity we have The Blessed Trinity – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

In Ireland we also have the much celebrated shamrock with its three leaves which St Patrick used to great effect to explain the mystery of The Trinity.

Also Our National flag has three colours Green on one side, Orange on the other representing different parts of our community intertwined with white in the middle which is the recognised symbol of peace.

Next week I am going to write about – Mobile Phone Etiquette.

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