WATCH: Five Memorable Kerry Wins Over Galway

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SUNDAY will renew a rivalry between the Kingdom and the men from the west. There have been some memorable clashes between Kerry and Galway over the years but we’ll just take a look at some of the ties we won this time!…

1939, Yankee Stadium, New York: Kerry 2-6 Galway 0-7

Incredibly, Kerry played Galway at one of the most famous grounds of American sport, Yankee Stadium. This old newsreel gives you a taste of the frenetic action.

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1959: All Ireland Final Kerry 3-7 Galway 1-4

Mick O’Connell captained Kerry in front of almost 86,000 fans in Croke Park. It proved to be an easy win in the end in what has become known as the Sean Murphy final thanks to the Kerry back’s dominant performance.

2000: All-Ireland Final Kerry 0-17 Galway 1-10

With crisis averted with the Y2K bug, we entered a new millennium and a golden era for Kerry. A replay was needed in the All Ireland final of that year before Kerry could take their 32nd All Ireland title.

1984 NFL Final: Kerry 1-11 Galway 0-11

Kerry beat Galway in the National League final this year, on their way to being crowned All Ireland champions and getting back on board after the crushing disappointments of the 1982 and 1983 seasons.

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1984, All Ireland Semi-final: Kerry 2-17 Galway 0-11

That same year, Kerry faced Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final. Once again the Tribesmen were no match for the Kingdom. Kerry would go on to meet old foes Dublin in the final. A repeat run 33 years on will be just what the doctor ordered.

2008, All Ireland Quarter Final: Kerry 1-21 Galway 1-16

Nine years ago Kerry saw their way past Galway in the All Ireland quarter final in what surely must be the pick of the bunch here. Tommy Walsh, put in a fantastic performance in this classic.  Galway’s Michael Meehan wasn’t far behind him.

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