What The Tidy Towns Judges Said About Our Town In Their Report

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TRALEE has once again kept its Gold Medal status in the National Tidy Towns competition, but what had the judges to say about the town in their report. Here’s just a few extracts, but if you want to read the full report on Tralee or other Kerry towns and villages, click here.


Built Environment And Streetscape

Tidy flowers 2

Denny Street comes in for special praise.

“Denny Street is still the delight it has been for over two centuries, the Ashe memorial hall providing the focus as one delights at the preservation of the buildings along the street.

Sadly there are quite a few vacant premises and houses throughout the town which detract from their surroundings but as one admires the Brogue one feels that times change and fortunes also.

Those rejuvenated fortunes are also apparent at Benners Hotel and The Ashe Hotel. One building that needs comfort is the old gate lodge on Killeen Road. It is a shame that this jewel is defaced with weeds as if the use of a gate lodge is obsolete and there is no worthwhile future for the building in this modern age.

Streets like Castle Street are a mixture of fine signage and very poor tatty fronts and one would wish that authorities had more control over the appearance of these businesses.

There are quite a few smaller shopping centres dotted about whose signage and appearance dominates the more traditional appearance. It must be gratifying for your town planners to see people meeting, greeting, relaxing with a cup of coffee, shopping or just moving on in the multi dimensional town square.”

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Landscaping and Open Spaces

Tidy Flowers Park 7

The Town Park is described as a wonderful experience.

“There are some outstanding examples of landscaping throughout Tralee.

Among those are the raised beds outside the cemetery, hydrangeas to the front of the Brandon, landscaping at the entrance to Denny Street, the trees along the Dan Spring Road, your Rose Walk is divine, the railings adding to the picture tubs of flowers at many locations.

But of course the douze points goes to the Town Park. This Park is such a wonderful experience so easily accessed in the centre of town with elements to engage every age group and there are people from every age group benefiting from the vast variety of possibilities.

Roundabouts are a landscaping treat, wonderful for the GAA enthusiasts to see footballers honoured from arrival. It is evident that much time is devoted to the planting and maintenance of landscaped beds throughout Tralee.

Your memorial to the Royal Munster Fusiliers was admired in its wonderful surroundings.”

Wildlife Habitats And Natural Amenities

In a town with such a big population there is an urgent need for possibilities to walk, jog, relax, play and Tralee offers many such opportunities.

The Slí an Dúlra was taken, a delightful avenue with the built town amenities on one hand and the experience of the wilderness of the countryside on the other.

Your new projects at the Sean Crispie Park is a wonderful opportunity to gain access and relax by the stream.

Across the road the senses are aroused in the park by the pedestrian bridge, by the sculpture, the landscaping and the opportunity to chill. In order for the adjudicator to have a total overview of the natural amenities of Tralee he must visit Ballyseedy Wood, an area much used by the locals, a walk facilitated by
the fine pathways and the route directions.”

Tidiness and Litter Control

“The public realm all along the many roadways to Tralee creates a tidy and cared-for impression of Tralee. The footpaths, cycle lanes, the grass margins, fresh road markings, weedfree kerbing all contribute to an appealing appearance.

Then the many roundabout on the main roads create a sense of a town of some substance. It is the name signage on many premises that challenges that impression of the town of some substance as much of this signage is of a plastic tacky appearance.

The Bill Kinnerk Road needs attention. The adjudicator visited a number of estates on this road, estates that have no name sign, the grass maintenance leaves a lot to be desired.

Then there is quite an amount of fly posting throughout creating the impression that anyone can hammer an advertisement of their event into the grass margin on a whim.

It is a hopeful sign that your Toward a Better Tralee Group have approached McDonalds regarding litter awareness and control. Well done.

But littering is a problem in public parks, in car parks, in some estates.”

Sustainable Waste and Resource Management

The support that Kerry County Council is giving through SEAI to many buildings in the town for investment in insulation of those buildings is admirable. Promotion of allotments is also a laudable resource management project.

The adjudicator was delighted to happen upon the Community garden in the middle of the Town Park and see the amount of fruit plants.

The Repair Café is also a wonderful waste reduction initiative. It is also heartening that continuous provision is being made for the provision of cycle lanes throughout the town.

Your library service and the promotion of libraries deserves positive mention. Well done.”

Residential Streets & Housing Areas

The residents in Manor have put in a lot of work to have the place looking well. Photo by Gavin O'Connor.

Manor Village is described as an outstanding place to live.

“Houses along Cloonbeg Terrace are as native to Tralee as the rose and as beautiful.

St Johns Park, right at the hub of town life for a number of generations, and improves with age.

Many estates were visited and the adjudicator must mention the Manor Village as being the outstanding location in which to live. The houses are well maintained, front gardens are in bloom and could also be in Bloom.


Other estates visited also inspired confidence such as the treatment of the open space in Woodlands, the treatment of an old ditch at Woodbrook. But where the landscaped beds are neglected they spoil the overall effect as at Bruach na hAbhann.”

Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes

The road lay-out in Tralee has created a most effective road connectivity between major destinations thus relieving the centre of the town from further traffic congestion.

These link roads connect the Killorglin Road to the Killarney road, the old Listowel Road to the Clash Road, to mention but two examples. The Bracker O’Regan Road provides the same connectivity.

No matter where one travels one is aware of the fine network of cycle lanes and the fine condition of the footpaths. This determination to create an environment with ease of travel and safety to pedestrian and cyclist is being continued with the off road route for the students of Tralee CBS.

There is very little of significance to distinguish the approach roads to the town.

The Clash Road is quite distressed with vacant premises and neglect of attention to weed control.

The most scenic route into town is the tree lined old road that leads down to the wetlands.

The many lanes off the main streets are an important part of the streetscape of town. The entrance to Milk Market Lane and to Barrack Lane are most inviting.

The adjudicator is surprised that the arrival into the town is not announced with some adornment that befits this proud town but meagre basic town signs.”

Concluding Remarks

“This town figures strongly in the national public mind and the first time visitor will not be disappointed because image and reality resemble one another.

There is no mistaking that this is the town of the rose and how well you wear that crown. The buzz in the town centre suggests that people are happy to visit and that locals are content in their home surroundings. Well done.”

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